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Code Complete, Second Edition
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   Contents Chapter 9 Checklist: The Pseudocode Programming Pr
Chapter 9: Pseudocode Programming Process
  • Have you checked that the prerequisites have been satisfied?
  • Have you defined the problem that the class will solve?
  • Is the high level design clear enough to give the class and each of its routines a good name?
  • Have you thought about how to test the class and each of its routines?
  • Have you thought about efficiency mainly in terms of stable interfaces and readable implementations, or in terms of meeting resource and speed budgets?
  • Have you checked the standard libraries and other code libraries for applicable routines or components?
  • Have you checked reference books for helpful algorithms?
  • Have you designed each routine using detailed pseudocode?
  • Have you mentally checked the pseudocode? Is it easy to understand?
  • Have you paid attention to warnings that would send you back to design (use of global data, operations that seem better suited to another class or another routine, and so on)?
  • Did you translate the pseudocode to code accurately?
  • Did you apply the PPP recursively, breaking routines into smaller routines when needed?
  • Did you document assumptions as you made them?
  • Did you remove comments that turned out to be redundant?
  • Have you chosen the best of several iterations, rather than merely stopping after your first iteration?
  • Do you thoroughly understand your code? Is it easy to understand?

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