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Code Complete, Second Edition
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   Contents Chapter 3 Requirements Resources

Chapter 3: Measure Twice Cut Once: Upstream Prerequisites


Here are a few books that give much more detail on requirements development.

  • Wiegers, Karl. Software Requirements, 2d Ed., Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press, 2003. This is a practical, practitioner-focused book that describes the nuts and bolts of requirements activities including requirements elicitation, requirements analysis, requirements specification, requirements validation, and requirements management. Buy from
  • Robertson, Suzanne and James Robertson. Mastering the Requirements Process, Reading, MA: Addison Wesley, 1999. This is a good alternative to Wiegers' book for the more advanced requirements practitioner. Buy from
  • Gilb, Tom. Competitive Engineering, Reading, Mass.: Addison Wesley, 2004. This book describes Gilb's requirements language known as "Planguage." The book covers Gilb's specific approach to requirements engineering, design and design evaluation, and evolutionary project management. This book can be downloaded from Gilb's website at Buy from
  • IEEE Std 830-1998. IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications, Los Alamitos, CA: IEEE Computer Society Press. This document is the IEEE-ANSI guide for writing software requirements specifications. It describes what should be included in the specification document and shows several alternative outlines for one. Buy from
  • Abran, Alain, et al. Swebok: Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge, Los Alamitos, CA: IEEE Computer Society Press, 2001. This contains a detailed description of the body of software-requirements knowledge. It may also be downloaded from Buy from

Other good alternatives include:

  • Lauesen, Soren. Software Requirements: Styles and Techniques, Boston, Mass.: Addison Wesley, 2002. Buy from
  • Kovitz, Benjamin, L. Practical Software Requirements: A Manual of Content and Style, Manning Publications Company, 1998. Buy from
  • Cockburn, Alistair. Writing Effective Use Cases, Boston, Mass.: Addison Wesley, 2000. Buy from

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